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City of Westminster – Tackling fuel poverty

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Simply Switch commisioned Lamerton Swales to work with them on a campaign to tackle fuel poverty.


With an increase in households spending more of their income on energy costs, a growing number experience fuel poverty. Westminster City Council wished to create a fund to help those on low incomes, whilst promoting the savings for people who
switch tariffs.


Secondary research, community consultation, face-to-face interviews

Advertising, PR and community champions


  • The main barrier to switching energy suppliers was inertia and a perception that the process was complex.
  • Almost 80% of UK domestic tariffs (at the time of this project) could be switched to achieve savings.
  • Those on low incomes tended to cut food costs rather than switch fuel bills to save money.


Rather than position the Campaign as an energy switching offer, it was positioned as offering money saving advice to City of Westminster residents. The aim of the campaign was to increase response rates; once residents called the freephone number, they were given advice about reducing bills and energy efficiency, with approximately 80% saving money by switching. A pay-back scheme was set up between Simply Switch and the City of Westminster, crediting the council for every resident who switched, creating a fund that administered grants for energy efficiency measures to residents on low income. To support the freephone advice service a range of promotional materials, targeting different sectors of the community,
were produced.


Local housing associations, Citizens Advice Bureaux and community groups.


The campaign was promoted to 113,000 residents, successfully resulting in over 6000 phone calls and more than 600 residents switching their energy suppliers, helping to tackle fuel poverty.

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